Sunday, October 21, 2007

What a Koolaass haat!

I present to you the Library Hat (scroll down, the hat is called "Koolhaas").

While it does not resemble books, it has a really cool backstory. It incorporates two of my favorite things (libraries and knitting) as well as something that I bet would be a favorite thing if I had ever been there (Seattle). It is also a very cool-looking hat. And snug and and the perfect length. I knit it from 70g of Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran, a really great machine-washable merino yarn. I used US 6 and 8 needles (size 6 for the brim). The pattern itself was not the most fun to knit (it kinda made my hands crampy) but it was well-worth it, and this made things easier. Overall, I love the hat, and will be knitting another at some point. Although, not soon... what the hell happened to my sweater goal? I guess there are still two months left in the year. I could always knit up a couple more chunky sweaters, right? All of this fun hat and scarf knitting has gotten in the way. Instant gratification, my friends.

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