Friday, August 17, 2007

Zeebee- FO

Hat #3 (and the final birthday present) for Z:

Pattern: Zeebee!
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay in color "Jungle"
Needle: US 8 straight needles

Notes: I cast on 32 stitches and had a total of 10 rows per 1/8 segment.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Odessa- FO

Behold, B's second birthday hat, a beadless Odessa (I was on a roll, I guess).

This hat took no time at all to finish, I think I did it in two days, maybe three. I used EXACTLY one ball of Rowan Cashsoft DK in color 517 Donkey. I used US 4 needles for the ribbed brim and US 6 needles for the rest. I believe I made the hat an extra .5" tall and therefore had the scariness of near-hyperventillation and "omigod omigod am I going to have enough yarn?!" The best part about this hat? Its machine-washable! The pattern was super-easy though, especially if you're doing a beadless version. Every row is exactly the same. And if you're doing a beaded version, every row is still basically the same except every six rows you have to throw a bead onto every 10th stitch. Easy peasy!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fonn- FO

To answer Bek's question, yes I have also finished Fonn from Lopi 25. I started this all the way back in March, and let me tell you, it took so long for two reasons. First, the Lite Lopi I used for the sweater was less like butter gliding through my fingers and more like... well... scratchy Icelandic yarn. And the body was 16" of stockinette with no shaping (of course, because its a guy's sweater), so it wasn't even interesting for a really long time. Oh, and sleeves? Sleeves, to me, are like other people's SSS (Second Sock Syndrome). Once I am done with the body of a sweater, it usually sits around for awhile until I am bored enough to cast on for the sleeves. But then they get done pretty quickly, because after all, sleeves really don't use up all that much yarn compared to the body of a sweater. What was interesting after all of that boring (almost) black stockinette was the fair isle yoke. While I wouldn't be interested in doing an entire sweater in fair isle, I like smaller projects like mittens and the yoke of a sweater. So behold, Fonn!

For this sweater (another birthday present for B... or at least it happened to get finished at a good time for me to call it a birthday present) I used 10 balls of Lite Lopi in Black Heather and 1.1 ball of Lite Lopi in Ash Heather for the 40" bust (um, chest?) size. I used US 4 needles for the hems, US 7 for the plain black stockinette, and I went up to a US 8 for the fair isle yoke because I am a bit of a tight knitter when it comes to fair isle.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Shedir- FO

B's birthday was Friday and this was one of his gifts:

I started this hat (Shedir by the lovely Jenna Wilson of Rogue fame) in May while watching the worst movie in the world (Shaun of the Dead) and somehow I effed up the cabling and it was so badly effed up that I couldn't fix it without ripping back 4 or 5 painful cable rows. So it hibernated for a few months until it came out of its cave and I finished it in a matter of days. Actually, once you get the cable pattern down, the hat is total cake. But until then, its slow going. I used Grumperina's tutorial on cabling without a cable needle and will never go back to the Olde Way (that is, with a needle). All-in-all, a great hat that I will definately knit again. Yarn used was Rowan Calmer in color Cork (an accurate representation of the color is below. Even though I wasn't using flash on my camera, I couldn't get the color right on the FO.) and size US 3 needles. I know that sounds crazy small, but trust me, this pattern was so interesting that knitting the hat flew by.

P.S. By the way, the hat called for 1 ball of Calmer. I used 1.02. That's right, I had to use an extra effing GRAM of yarn from another ball in order to finish this hat. Mother effing effball.