Sunday, October 28, 2007

Not my FO

So about a year and a half ago, I was reading Grumperina's knitting blog and I fell in love with this sweater. For a while now I've been really wanting to make this sweater, sans turtleneck, just like Grumperina did. However, I've never had quite the right yarn in my stash for the sweater, and it has been on the backburner ever since. Now and then I would think I had found the right yarn for the sweater, but then when it came down to casting on I realized I really wasn't sold. The pattern I was more than sold on, but the yarn? I wanted a nice smooth yarn, perhaps a merino or something along those lines. Many plies, very soft. Then came Grumperina's post about selling off her handknit sweaters. Having never worn many of them, she decided to part with the lovely works of art. So I bit. I emailed her and asked if the Swirled Pentagon Pullover she had knit last May was one she was selling, and if there were any prospective buyers yet. Well I guess I was the first one to email her about it, and after double-checking against my other sweaters and determining that the sweater would fit, I happily sent her the money to pay for the yarn, a small commission, and shipping (Grumperina, thanks for buying sale yarn!). And now this sweater is mine. With only one problem. I can't photograph the damn thing! These pictures are the best I could get, even though some are in daylight with someone else taking the pictures.

This sweater rocks. I am contemplating doing some very minor sweater surgery to lengthen the body and sleeves a bit. We'll see. In the meantime, I'm all about this sweater! I've already worn it twice. Yay for sweater weather!

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grumperina said...

Red can be tricky to photograph, but I can tell the sweater looks lovely on you! It's a really nice fit for your figure! DO enjoy!