Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Year of the Sock?

Holy moth-eaten yarn, Batman! I can't believe I haven't posted since May! Dudes, I have kind of lost my crafting mojo. And bad timing, too, because I just bought a sewing machine (yay!). I've been feeling some major summer crafting lethargy lately, which I sort of always go through this time of year, except this time its pretty bad. And on top of that, all I want to do is knit socks. I've cast on for many (many, many, many) other projects, but man I have so many long-term WIPs, and all I seem to be finishing is socks!

For example, check this out:

I started this sucker in February, it is another Central Park Hoodie, and everything is done on it (including the knit-on button bands) except for one sleeve! Why can't I finish it?! I. have. no. idea!

But in the meantime I've started and finished these socks (sorry all my pictures suck, I need a new camera):

And I've cast on for Spring Forward using some really, really awesome yarn, plus a pair of socks for BZ in Lorna's Laces (my first time using this yarn, another pair of socks for BZ using Araucania's Ranco (worst name ever, great colors, hopefully this will soften up in the wash because its a little on the rough side right now), and some Waving Lace socks in some of the most awesome sock yarn ever:

When will the sock madness end?!

Hopefully never, though my sweaters-in-progress are getting jealous.