Saturday, February 07, 2009

Juno (the shawl, not the movie)

Love it! Raveled

...and maybe I need to turn up the heat since the furry ones are seeking out the space heaters and heat registers

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Wintertimes Gifts

In the Cabbage house we celebrate Wintertime in December. And Mr. Cabbage receives nice Wintertime gifts that Cabbage promptly forgets to blog about. So here, in February, are this year's Wintertime gifts!

Yet another My So-Called Scarf. What can I say, that herringbone stitch exploits the Manos to its fullest potential. I was ill when I cast on for this scarf and I accidentally cast on 26 stitches instead of 30. Whoops. Guess he gets a longer scarf!

Next up, a pair of socks knit out of some always lovely Cherry Tree Hill Supersock. Lovely indeed.

And oh, what is this? It is a tiny cat in a doorway! And another Seamless Hybrid. I know, unoriginal, but that's how Mr. Cabbage likes his clothes.

And in more knitting-wile-ill news, I felted two of Mr. Cabbage's scarves one morning after a Nyquil hangover (the same week I accidentally cast on 26 stitches for the above scarf. I was on staycation, so sue me.) Rut-roh. Time to knit him a new, improved (wider, longer) MSCS :

He is still awaiting a replacement for the other scarf I felted :/

Tina catching some fleeting December rays