Monday, August 13, 2007

Shedir- FO

B's birthday was Friday and this was one of his gifts:

I started this hat (Shedir by the lovely Jenna Wilson of Rogue fame) in May while watching the worst movie in the world (Shaun of the Dead) and somehow I effed up the cabling and it was so badly effed up that I couldn't fix it without ripping back 4 or 5 painful cable rows. So it hibernated for a few months until it came out of its cave and I finished it in a matter of days. Actually, once you get the cable pattern down, the hat is total cake. But until then, its slow going. I used Grumperina's tutorial on cabling without a cable needle and will never go back to the Olde Way (that is, with a needle). All-in-all, a great hat that I will definately knit again. Yarn used was Rowan Calmer in color Cork (an accurate representation of the color is below. Even though I wasn't using flash on my camera, I couldn't get the color right on the FO.) and size US 3 needles. I know that sounds crazy small, but trust me, this pattern was so interesting that knitting the hat flew by.

P.S. By the way, the hat called for 1 ball of Calmer. I used 1.02. That's right, I had to use an extra effing GRAM of yarn from another ball in order to finish this hat. Mother effing effball.

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bek said...

Happy belated B-Day to B! And I feel compelled to stick up for one of my alltime favoritest movies ever...zombie comedies rule. The hat is fabulous -- I've looked at it a million times and maybe someday I'll actually knit it. Have you finished the Lopi Fair Isle sweater?