Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fonn- FO

To answer Bek's question, yes I have also finished Fonn from Lopi 25. I started this all the way back in March, and let me tell you, it took so long for two reasons. First, the Lite Lopi I used for the sweater was less like butter gliding through my fingers and more like... well... scratchy Icelandic yarn. And the body was 16" of stockinette with no shaping (of course, because its a guy's sweater), so it wasn't even interesting for a really long time. Oh, and sleeves? Sleeves, to me, are like other people's SSS (Second Sock Syndrome). Once I am done with the body of a sweater, it usually sits around for awhile until I am bored enough to cast on for the sleeves. But then they get done pretty quickly, because after all, sleeves really don't use up all that much yarn compared to the body of a sweater. What was interesting after all of that boring (almost) black stockinette was the fair isle yoke. While I wouldn't be interested in doing an entire sweater in fair isle, I like smaller projects like mittens and the yoke of a sweater. So behold, Fonn!

For this sweater (another birthday present for B... or at least it happened to get finished at a good time for me to call it a birthday present) I used 10 balls of Lite Lopi in Black Heather and 1.1 ball of Lite Lopi in Ash Heather for the 40" bust (um, chest?) size. I used US 4 needles for the hems, US 7 for the plain black stockinette, and I went up to a US 8 for the fair isle yoke because I am a bit of a tight knitter when it comes to fair isle.

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