Saturday, June 30, 2007

Snow White- FO

Snow White has woken from her slumber! Or whatever.

Snow White Bust 2.JPG
This sweater was finished in a month, yay! I realize that for some people that is nothing, but for me, 2x2 ribbing on size 7's in a month is an accomplishment. Mostly because I was pretty monogamous with this project as I was test knitting it for Ysolda and she wanted it done by the end of June. Mine finished blocking two days ago and my partner was able to help me photograph it yesterday. So here, on the last day of June, is my Snow White!
For this sweater, I used 9.5 balls of Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk Aran in color 15 Clipper. I knit the Medium size and made a couple of minor modifications. I have a long torso and a bit of a belly, so I usually add an inch or two (or four in the case of the Greek Pullover). I added an inch or so at the bottom and probably didn't need to.
Snow White arms.JPG
I also did only 12 rows of garter rib at the cuff instead of 24 and only realized it after I'd finished the sleeve, so I just added another 12 rows of ribbing to the top so that the overall length was the same. And then I repeated all of that with the second sleeve.
SW cuff.JPG
In the pattern you are given the option of doing a sewn tubular bind-off for the neck or you can do a picot bind-off. I chose the picot.
Overall thoughts about the pattern? I absolutely love it. The shaping is amazing, its so visually intresting as well as functional, yet still simple. If I were to do it again, I would do the tubular cast-on for the hem of the body on a larger needle (I actually did do it on a larger needle than the US 7 I used for the body, but apparantley it wasn't quite large enough). I would do the 24 garter rib rows instead of my mistake (although I think the cuffs look fine, I'm not complaining).
I'm also not 100% sure I'd use the yarn again. In a sweater like this, you really have to use a yarn that is soft against the skin, because lets face it, I can't even wear a bra with this sweater. Which means its best knit with a merino of some sort or something equally as soft. However, a lot of these yarns show wear kind of quickly, including the Sublime yarn I used. The yarn was absolutely delicious to knint with but it has a tiny bit of a halo already and I've never even worn it properly (it is June in Ohio, after all). I guess time will tell how much this yarn stands up to wear.

Snow White Back 4.JPG

Now go buy the pattern! (erm, when its published, which I think is going to be soon!)


Octopus Knits said...

Wow! Great job!

bek said...

Pretty sweater! I'm not much for buying patterns -- I change everything so much it's not worth it -- but I may have to reconsider. Course, I'll have to finish my CPH before I commit to another sweater :)