Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Long-term WIP

I've been working on this since about February. I guess that's not that long-term... I have some things that have been on the needles a lot longer.

This is Hello Yarn's Irish Hiking Scarf
I am knitting this in Dzined's sportweight Merino/Hemp blend (55% merino wool/45% hemp) in Natural on size six needles. I think it will only take one skein. I decided not to do the garter edge and just slipped the first stitch of each row purlwise. I don't have any problems with curling or anything. I wish I had knit this in a size eight needle so it would be less dense, but I'm not willing to rip it all out. I think I'll put fringe on it when I'm done. I actually knit this up in a worsted weight version of this same yarn, in a reddish pinkish colorway on size 10 needles and I hated the way it turned out. That will eventually get ripped the hell out and made into something. This one will be okay for a basic scarf when I need something a little boring, ha.

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