Sunday, May 21, 2006

Anniversary scarf

So last Thursday was my two-year anniversary. The boy-toy and I are both broke so we decided no fancy gifts. We went out to a nice dinner instead, and I knit him this scarf... what did he get me? I guess that's TBD, as when I gave the scarf to him (albeit two days late) he said "uhhhh... I thought we weren't doing gifts!" Ha...

This is Sheep In the City's My So-Called Scarf
It is actually just herringbone stitch, knit with two skeins of Manos Del Uruguay in Prairie 104. I used almost the whole two skeins, and the recommended size 11 needles and cast-on 30 stitches and it was plenty long (70 inches). I love love love the way the herringbone stitch shows off the Manos colorway. I think I'm going to eventually try this scarf in Noro too and see how that looks.

A close-up of the stitch

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Fleece said...

Hi Cabbage!

I'm knitting my-so-called-scarf too in a chunky yarn I got last Autumn. Yours looks lovely.

Came over here from the One Skein Knitalong.