Monday, January 28, 2008

Placed Cable Aran- FO

This is the Placed Cable Aran knit from EXACTLY 9 balls of Debbie Bliss Rialto on US 7 needles. And when I say exactly 9 balls... well I had to go into my wastebasket (no worries, pretty much only paper and yarn scraps go into this particular wastebasket) to get some of the ends I had trimmed off after I'd weaved them in so that I could finish seaming the last arm in. All that, and then I put the sweater on and realized it needed to be longer. Not a difficult prospect, since it is a stockinette hem, but still annoying since I was scrounging in the trash for seaming yarn. I ended up modifying this sweater to make it a set-in shoulder sweater instead of a drop sweater. Otherwise everything is the same!


bek said...

I really love those cables! And I'm sorry that you had to go scrounging for yarn...but hey, you've managed fewer problems in your 77 sweaters than I've managed with my one sweater! (Well, my 0.93 sweater, since it's not even finished yet!)

Lovie said...

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