Saturday, January 05, 2008

Ahead of the Game

Two finished sweaters, and my self-imposed sweater deadline is still weeks away! I decided that I needed to finish two more sweaters by the end of this month in order to meet my goal of knitting 12 sweaters in 12 months. So here are the final two (although I think it might be a baker's dozen by the time my deadline comes).

Meet Wicked in White

Knit with 7.2 x 50g balls of Indiecita Suri Merino in a color that is just barely off-white, size 7 needles, and 82 stitches cast on. Mother-of-pearl buttons from M&J Trimmings.

Meet Mr. Ziggs

Mr. Ziggs was knit with a little less than 4 1/2 skeins of Malabrigo in Burgundy, size 7 needles. I loosely used the Hourglass sweater pattern, with some changes. Instead of a sewn-down hem for the body and cuffs and neckline, I just purled the first row (or, the last row, in the case of the neckline). It blocked out and doesn't curl. The sleeves I cast on 52 stitches and knit plain for 12" before starting the bicep increases. I didn't do any waist shaping with increases and decreases, but rather put a cable panel in for shaping instead. I used the Mr. Ziggs cable pattern from Vogue Stitchionary vol. 2.

And finally, some socks. Not worth posting on their own. They're sort of like how politicians sometimes throw some crazy, secret line about a new tax for cigarettes into a bill that is otherwise entirely about making canadian geese droppings illegal to sell. They throw a semi-controversial line into a bill that they know will easily pass without being read much just to get it through. That's like my socks. My socks are the cigarette tax in this geese droppings blog post. Enjoy :)

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bek said...

You make odd analogies...but you also make wonder-fabulous sweaters. So all is forgiven :)