Friday, December 07, 2007


Well, its been awhile since I posted, and that's because I haven't finished anything very noteworthy. I have knit a few hats and scarves for holiday gifts, those will get posted at some time. Good daylight is hard to find now. I haven't completed the two additional sweaters yet, but I have re-calculated and decided that I have through January to finish, because this sweater streak started in February of 2007.

On Sunday I decided to make my mom a Wicked out of the huge pile of off-white Suri Merino I have. I had 66 balls of that yarn. Why 66 balls? Its a long, long story that I won't get into here. Lets just call it a mix-up. Anyway, white is not my color. I actually hate white things. Diamonds, clothing, underwear, shoes, yarn, walls. Ick. So the yarn has been sitting around for a couple of years. Recently I swapped a bag out for 7 more balls of yarn for this sweater. And I'll probably get rid of 7 balls of yarn to make my mom's Wicked. The rest I am thinking about dyeing. We'll see how that goes. The yarn is actually quite lovely, but I've never had any interest in dyeing. I guess it would put that crock pot with which I never cook to good use. Wicked is coming along well. I started it Sunday and have two inches of ribbing for the hem left. Then start the 3/4 sleeves. I just ordered shell buttons from here, so hopefully they'll get here soon. My mom's family's holiday Christmas party is next Sunday and that's the only time this season I'll get to see her. I know the sweater can be done and blocked by then, but only time will tell whether the buttons will come in time.

The other sweater that has stalled but is near completion is the Dollar and a Half Cardigan. Here is a picture of the back (unblocked)

All of the pieces are now finished, with the exception of the button band. The seaming is what is stopping me. I hate seaming and linen is not fun yarn to seam and lace is not fun to seam and I don't like seaming. Wah. And I'm not motivated to finish it because I probably won't be wearing it much in this weather. But it will be finished. At some point. Maybe I'll offer to knit someone's CPH button band if they seam for me :) :) :) Or knit them a hat or socks or anything else they might like.

Next episode: Knit Surgery

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