Sunday, August 13, 2006

Tubey rocks again, finally!

Ok, it has been a good knitting week. I picked Tubey back up, and I knit 9 body rows. I tried it on, and... success! Well, so far. I still have a lot to go. But I'm very excited, because I was seriously doubting that this sweater would ever be finished.

I have also started Pullover Flair from Sping 2006 Interweave Knits. Scroll down towards the bottom of that page to see the sweater.

The yarn is actually really interesting. Its two-stranded, one strand is this tweedy grey and white cotton, the other is this silky very orange ribbon-like yarn. I'm using the recommended yarn, Artful Yarns Olympic in 34 Tokyo and size 8 addi circulars. Its a fairly open gauge, which accounts for the extreme drape of this sweater (a big part of why I like it).

And, for fun, my lazy cat enjoys the sil on this beautiful day!


bek said...

Extreme drape -- the newest event at the X games! Woo! I am impressed by the Tubeyness, although for a minute I was a little frightened by the "choice" of the green for the body. Cats are cute...let me know when I am to begin watching them. (Oh and don't forget, SoaP is coming out this weekend!)

bek said...

it has been 2 months since you have posted...happy friday the 13th!