Sunday, August 06, 2006

FO-Classic Tweed

Yo. So Its been wicked hot here and the knitting/finishing has been at a minimum lately. I did manage to finish the seaming, weaving in ends, and ironing (yes, ironing) of the Classic Tweed Sweater. I'm happy with it in that it is a large finished project that doesn't suck. Do I love it? No. The yarn, though very pretty, breaks like its friggin' cotton candy. That's not so bad for knitting, but sucks for seaming. Oh and there's a lot of seaming. There's no waist shaping, so it looks a little lumpy on me. And the sleeves are doing this weird puckery thing... but overall I'm satisfied. I will wear it. Most likely with jeans on the weekend.

I've also made progress on the USMP. I am falling more and more in love with this sweater and getting more and more nervous about the curling that is going on. Again. pray that blocking works!

And, also, because it is the most beautiful WIP I've seen lately, here is the pre-sundried tomato pesto out of Sundays at Moosewood. I think this is beautiful before its blended. I love the layers!

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bek said...

Pesto...yum. And the sweater looks beautiful. I envy your knitting prolificness. And the fact that you are almost done with school, and I have barely started. Sigh...