Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Socky socks

So I love Lorna's Laces. I really do. And I love Purl and their online store (I've never had the opportunity to visit the actual store in Soho). So when I saw that Purl has Lorna's Laces sock yarn dyed specially for them, and I actually saw the hanks, I was very excited.

So I bought two hanks in colorway Manzanita and set to work on Interweave Knit's Spring 2005 Cable Rib Socks by Erica Alexander. I don't know how I feel about the sock so far.

I mean, I think the reddish color is pretty, and I kinda like the weird spiral white stripe... but I guess I expected the stripes to be more than just one row each. They kind of give me a headache now. I don't know if I think that this sock yarn just sucks, period, or if it needs to be in stockinette to not hypnotize me/give me seizures/make me ralph. From far away it doesn't look so bad though. I really like the cable detail (there are only two cable panels on the sock), but I think the crazy striping kinda makes the cables invisible.

The first four inches are worked on size two needles, then the rest of the sock is worked on size ones (ugh). I just switched, about three rows ago, to the ones, so it'll be interesting to see the difference in the striping (and that random diagonal white stripe) when I get a bit further. Stand by.

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