Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Some Socks

I had long been eyeing the Embossed Leaves socks from Interweave's Favorite Socks book, but it wasn't until I saw Alligator's that I took the plunge.

Embossed Leaves socks, knit with Socks That Rock Lightweight in Jasper on US 1 needles.
It's funny... when I first started knitting socks, I turned my nose up at lace socks. I mean, first of all... lace... socks... I don't own any commercially purchased lace socks, why on earth would I want to spend hours knitting some? And they seemed so impractical... wool, to keep you warm... counteracted by lace... which has tons of HOLES! How silly! But I looooooove knitting lace, and wearing lace socks is not the problem I thought it would be. Bring on the lace!

And here are a pair of boring stockinette stitch socks I knit for that dude I live with :)

These are also Socks That Rock Lightweight in Corbie, US 1 needles.

And, because he's the best cat ever, I give you Pickle

(kindly ignore the baking soda on the fabric cubes behind him. We tried some green- as in environmentally friendly- carpet cleaning last weekend and made a mess. Oops!)


Libby said...

Pickle is the cutest!

Your socks look great...I'm about to catch the train to sock town and I can't wait.

alligator said...

I love both the sock pairs! And a very cute kitty too!